Welcome to the web site of the Anglican Students' Federation. This Organisation was founded over 54years ago.
The Anglican Society, affiliates of the Anglican Students Federation (ASF), a community of diverse students united by the word of God who will bring difference in our institution and communities. Meet new friends at varsity who share your Christian values and lifestyle.
Participate in services, bible studies, workshops and conferences, and get involved in outreach programmes to help those who are less fortunate.

The Anglican Students' Federation (ASF) is the tertiary student wing of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA), with 58 Anglican Student Societies on campuses throughout South Africa, Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia.                                         

These groups offer students a 'home from home' opportunity to continue living a Christian life, through services on campus and access to pastoral assistance from a chaplains.


From the President January 2015!!!

Anglican Students Federation members, friends, and Anglican community let me take this opportunity to greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I would love take this moment to wish everyone a happy new year, as we welcome the brand new year 2015, I would also like to welcome everyone back, and when I say everyone back, I mean back to our respective Universities, back to our beloved ANSOCs in our different branches and regions.

This time of the year is always the most difficult and most busy, because we are facing different challenges. Some of us are facing financial exclusions, some of us are facing academic exclusions, and some of us don’t know where will be staying this year because we are facing residential exclusions. We might be a church organization, but these are the challenges we are faced with as students in tertiary institutions. We have brothers and sisters that have just finished matric and most of them didn’t apply in time, now they don’t know what to do next. It should be our responsibility to try and open access to the future members and leaders of ASF.

These are some of the tests that we as young people have to go through to test our faith. We all experience tests at each stage of our growth, our goal should be to pass every test. Testing always precedes promotion; self-promotion and human promotion can’t replace divine promotion, just as a product is never used until it’s tested, so it is with us. Tests are an opportunity which challenges us to demonstrate our potentials and maturity. Therefore we have to remain strong and pray until something happens, so that we can shine bright in our corners.

As we are beginning the year after a long festive season its very important that we familiarize and remind ourselves with the mission statement of our federation. “The Anglican Students Federation (ASF) of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) seeks to serve the needs of students and communities, to proclaim the gospel of Christ and develop mature Christian students for leadership in church and society. This we do by providing an Anglican “Home away from home” on campus, bible studies, worship, workshops and conferences. We commit ourselves to building peace, democracy and justice in Southern Africa.

This mission statement should be the basis of how to proceed this year; it should be a guide that will see our ANSOCs growing and our own personal growth. We all have the love and passion for our federation therefore we should all unite to make sure that it grows stronger, both in numbers and spiritually. Our next generation of members that will join us very soon, must feel the “home away from home” that we felt when we joined this federation. Let us go out there and fly our ANSOCs banners up high. Anglicans are all over, especially in Universities hence we should be the ones welcoming them into our Universities, and that can only be done by us being visible. We must paint all these universities we exist in, with our presence, “operation abasazi” should be the order of the day. Let us be the generation that can claim the growth of ASF as ours. Young people are under threat, because there are too many things that are pulling in different direction especially in institutions of higher learning, and that’s where we fit, in the puzzle, to proclaim the gospel of Christ and bring the children of God closer to the word, not that we are angels ourselves but we need to organize young people so that they don’t lose their faith and ultimately they can grow to be mature leaders of society.

Social Development, leadership and unity, spiritual growth and development, academic excellence, these are the pillars which are used as a mechanism for us to achieve our mission. These are the pillars which make us such a unique Christian structure in our universities, these are the pillars which define and shape us as young and future leaders of church and our countries. That’s why it’s of outmost importance that in our programs we include all these pillars, and not just include them but implement them.

I wish all regional and branch executive committees the best of luck in leading us to the right direction. I also wish all members, friends and associates of ASF best of luck in taking the responsibility to support all programs of our federation.  Best of luck for this first lap of the year, to those going back to universities, those who are entering for the first time, and those who are going out to the real world to form part of the economy. We will continue to pray that all those unemployed graduates should be able to find employment, so that they can plough back to ASF and the communities which they come from.

In conclusion let us remember that we are having our 55th Provincial Conference in Namibia, therefore we should fundraise and make sure that we sort out our passports in time, especially those who are first year students, we should be able to spread the information in time. Provincial Executive Committee is ready to work for the federation with the assistance of every member, and it is very important that we help each other out as regions, especially those that are close to each other, so that we can build this family of ASF into something greater then what we know it as now.

God bless Africa, God bless ASF

53RD ASF President

Solomzi Nyezi

073 840 4787





Becoming a tertiary students is an achievement to most of us, having completed high school and now at a stage where you have to choose a career that will take you forward in life. However, all this excitement comes with not only academic choices but also social choices. We often shift aside our faith issues and focus more on making friends.

The Anglican Society strives to provide you a place where you will find a balance of friendship, worship, bible study, fellowship, advise, growth in faith and healing.

So look for the sign, “AN'SOC” and register with your Christian Home Away from home

An'soc UWC/CPUT    






New Chaplain for Stellenbosch University

The Reverend Canon Ronald E. Phillips has been licensed as the new Anglican Chaplain  at Stellenbosch University  which falls under the Anglican Diocese of False Bay. Reverend Phillips takes over from Reverend Austen Jackson who served as the Anglican Chaplain at Stellenbosch University for many years. The Licensing was done by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of False Bay The Right Reverend Margaret Virture. Among other people who attended the event was the Anglican Students Federation  President Mr. Solomzi Nyezi and  Miss Lulamela Bilibana the Chairperson of the Anglican Students Federation in the Western Cape Region.



Details to be out soon!!!

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