Strategic Plan

1.  Spiritual Growth and Development

  •   Have revivals for branches, regions and individuals
    • §  Offer Bible studies
    • §  Prayer and fasting
    • §  Teach the importance of tithing
  •  Motivate youth to explore the possibility of a vocation in the church such as lay ministry, the priesthood, or what it means to be a bishop
  •   Inform students about Anglicanism and what it means to be part of Anglican Communion
  •   Have spiritual journey with God

2.  Leadership & Unity

  •   Offer leadership workshops at a regional level
  •   Keep more detailed records both for future reference and to ease further communication
  •   Provide more social activities and opportunities for networking among students
  •   Run more interactive workshops covering a variety of topics
    • §  Personal relationships/issues
    • §  Cultural and political differences
    • §  Sexuality and gender-based discrimination
  •   Develop relationships with dioceses and inform them about ASF for future partnerships for charity and fundraising projects

3.  Social Development

  •   Engage in community outreach, fostering students sense of responsibility for the needs of the community
  •   Run awareness workshops
    • §  HIV/AIDS
    • §  Environmental awareness
  •   Coordinate social activities such as picnics and bring & shares
  •   Initiate, monitor and evaluate long-term projects
  •   Peer Education Program
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