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PEC 2013/2014
Posted by Tshepo Mokoka Tuesday, October 1, 2013 11:44:00 AM

TO                  : AN’SOCS



                        : OFFICE OF THE GENERAL SECREATARY




DATE             : 26TH SEPTEMBER 2013




We greet you as the Provincial Executive Committee of the Anglican Student Federation and we hope all is still well in our An’socs and Regions, the PEC elected at the Kroonstad Conference will quarterly give a brief report of what is transpiring in the term of leadership. Since our election into leadership we are finishing the first quarter on the 30th of September 2013. A lot has been happening and we want to alert our branches of what is happening. These are activities that transpired in this first quarter!



Immediately after our Provincial conference in Kroonstad from the 23rd to the 28thth of July 2013, the PEC was represented by Mr Tshepo Mokoka, the ASF Organiser at PYC meeting held in Lesotho Region. The PYC was from the 4th to the 7th of July 2013. The Organiser was invited to represent to the PYC about ASF objectives, mission and vision.



The KZN Region REC 2012/2013 did not manage to hold its regional conference in the eve of Regional Conferences between February and May 2013. The Regional Executive was engaged on many occasions in ensuring that they elect before the Provincial Conference in ensuring that they will have a representative in the PEC but that did not happen. The Regional Executive with the help of Nkosiyazi Zungu organised a Regional Conference on the 24th of August 2013. On the 24th of August the President Mr. Rethabile Matlatsa together with Mr. Tshepo Mokoka, the ASF Organiser managed to attend the Regional Conference of KZN and assisted with the AGM. The new leadership was elected and a workshop on Anglicanism was rendered by Reverend Siyabulela Gidi, hopefully KZN will be back in its feet again under the leadership of Gumede Sbusiso (elected chairperson).



On the 30th to the 1st of September 2013 the PEC met in Benoni at Diocesan Offices of Highveld for the PEC meeting 1 where the ASF office is based. PEC members had the opportunity to see the day to day running of ASF as they saw the office. All the PEC members where present it’s only the region of Limpopo which was not represented. A lot was deliberated upon, the regions presented their POA’s and advises and changes where done to some POA’s. The PEC also managed to draw its own POA guided by the state of regions and the need for some projects to be done. The PEC mandated Regional Chairpersons to report to their respective regions after the PEC. In general from October on wards most regional activities are not that much as compared to the third quarter of our term of office. The PEC meeting went very well and An’socs should demand a clear PEC report from their Regional Chairpersons.



During the Regional Conference eve in the term of office 2012/2013 the Regional Conference of Limpopo did not corate and they appointed a Regional Task Team. It was reported to the PEC that the RTT is not functional. The PEC decided to task the Organiser and the President to visit the Region of Limpopo to try find solutions to the problems in Limpopo. After lengthy discussions with members of the region the PEC and the An’soc members of Limpopo Region decided to disband the RTT and both the BEC to have one structure that will act as both the REC and BEC of Limpopo Region. The BEC/REC is now led by Miss TebatsoTeefo. A clear report was sent to both the disbanded structures as most members of those structures where not there especially key portfolio holders. An induction workshop was also conducted to the newly elected BEC/REC of the Region of Limpopo.



As part of the POA of the PEC the Organiser was tasked with the provincial chaplain Revd. A Mathe to have a meeting with Bishop Steve of the diocese of Johannesburg on the 10th of September 2013, the meeting was to request  the Bishop to assist An’soc UJ and Wits with Chaplains as they currently don’t have chaplains. The meeting went very well and the Bishop promised that something will be done after consulting with his chapter.




It is with great pleasure as the General Secretary to be reporting to the An’socs and Regions in the term of office 2013/2014. As we can all see a lot is being done it is also our hope that at regional level programs are continuing as planned. It is sad that attached you will only find a reports from Swaziland and North West this is due to our Regional Chairpersons who did not send in their quarterly reports in time with the aid of their regional secretaries. We hope in the second quarterly report all Regional Chairpersons with the help of their regional secretaries will send their reports in time.



For any information don’t hesitate to call the office of ASF or the General Secretary at the given contact details.


Yours in Students Ministry








12-16 August 2013

Operation Abasazi

All Campuses,

Successful at all branches except SCOT branch faced with challenges of the opening date for each academic year was in phases.

10% of current membership recruited on this week long operation.

26 September 2013

Joint Service at Campus level

Luyengo Campus





25-26 May 2013

Joint Service and Exam Prayer

NWU Mafikeng Campus

Well planned and the attendance was satisfactorily

20 July 2013

Induction and Leadership workshop


ST John Mafikeng

Still pending due to the alteration of dates on the POA


03 August 2013


Holy Mass and Joint Service


NWU Mafikeng Campus

Fairly planned and attendance was good

17-18 August 2013

Annual Spiritual Revival and Mjikelelo

NWU Mafikeng Campus and Mjikelelo

Well Planned, attendance was fair…

Spirits were revived

17-18 August 2013

Annual Spiritual Revival and Mjikelelo

NWU Mafikeng Campus and Mjikelelo

Well Planned, attendance was fair… Spirits were revived

07-September 2013

Bible discussion and fundraising

NWU Mafikeng Campus and Modiri Park

Well Planned, attendance satisfactorily





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